Welcome Highlands West Homeowners!  This will serve as a central location where you can find info on events, members, newsletters, and share things going on in our hood.

2020-2022 Nominated Board Members:

President:  Jessica Mozer – jesdmozer@gmail.com

VP Adult Activities:  Karen McGuire – kamcg@att.net  &  Linda Richardson – linda-rich@sbcglobal.net

VP Children’s Activities:  Sloan Thompson – sloan.swnsn474@gmail.com  &  Ruth Wetherington – ruth.wetherington@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Lindsey Chase – lindseyjchase@yahoo.com

Secretary:  Kelley Huebner – kelley@hueb.net

Parliamentarian:  Sandra Adrian – sandrayjones@yahoo.com

Committees and Chairs:

Please let us know if you’re interested in any of the open positions

Advertising – Open

Block Welcomer – Open

Civic Affairs – Open

Communications: Open

Crime Watch – Open

Sunshine: Open

Tri Alliance:  Cara Smith – caracolgin@gmail.com